Offer the best spreads to the world of cartomancy

WebCartomancy is a web project designed by fortune-tellers and computer scientists.

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Build the best interface for decks

We note that the whole websites do not expect the art of reading cards. Sometimes that websites are built from fortune-tellers themselves, and other times without any serious goal. Let's say it's not really great to see the art of cartomancy at this state.

So what we've done ?

Websites for everyone

So, we, a group of fortune-tellers and computer scientists, have decided to build the best interface between customers and fortune-tellers. With a really powerfull administrative website, front website responsive layout, and direct gateways for checkout and security. Each cartomancers have their own beautiful websites and customers could connect to all of them.

What else ?

Perfect affiliate system too

Also if you are only webmasters and want to earn money with your website, we have everything concerning affiliate programs. For example, if you have Paypal account, Hipay account, and many others, you can create your own business in less than 5 minutes.

Ok, so if we resume

Some points, not all the points

Plenty of amazing websites

All cartomancer's websites are done with quality, full responsive and run in every devices (HTML5)

Ready to use gateways

All the websites on our network have several types of payment, and work with perfect security

Amazing spreads

Each cartomancers define or compose their prefered methods to spread the cards

Made with Love of art card reading

Because it is also a combine project between professional from cartomancy and computers

So, if you...

are a professional cartomancer ?

want to become an affiliate partner ?

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